Sebastiano Serafini 030 – Dream a little every day – wearing Christian Dada

In order to live our lives without limits we must be willing to never let our imaginations die, and we must never forbid ourselves from dreaming at least a little bit every day. Without our dreams we have nothing in our lives to reach for or to go after. Without our dreams we would have no need for qualities like determination, motivation, and drive. Without our dreams we would not have life period.


Though it is simple to get caught up in having a stable life, a stable job, and a stable environment from which to live off of, we must not fall victim to this lifestyle. We must be willing to take chances, and take risks and to go for the life and the destiny that we know our hearts really desire. We should never get caught up in the negative connotations that people put upon those who are dreamers, because as long as you are a dreamer and as long as you are willing to go for your dreams, then you are one of a small minority who is actually living your life to the fullest extent.

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5 thoughts on “Sebastiano Serafini 030 – Dream a little every day – wearing Christian Dada

  1. hmmm but unlike you that tried to life to the fullest extent. i have plans in my life that i will be the grass in the storm. you know, grass that can bend and move gracely in the windy storm unlike the oak tree that will broken in the windy storm.

  2. I agree it is desirable to retain and develop one’s imagination, creativity, and flexibilty, to continue to dream, but each individual must decide how they will use those qualities. It takes all kinds of people to make up our world. Each person has their own part to play whether it is a quiet, supporting role (the person who works in the coffee shop and makes beautiful foamy cappuccino), a strong leadership position that impacts nations (presidents & prime ministers), or an artistic talent that attracts the hearts and inspires the minds of generations (van Gogh or da Vinci). The parents, teachers, and care givers who keep these qualities alive in children and encourage them to flourish, give the gift of possibility.
    Was your own creative nature nurtured by your parents and teachers? Or did you teach yourself to dream abd reach for the stars? Did the opportunities in your life open your eyes to your own potential and give you the self-confidence to pursue the things your imagination showed you? Not everyone possesses these same strengths, but anyone can still lead a fulfilling and important life.
    May your dreams continue to flourish and may you always have the will to pursue them.

  3. Ciao, Sebastiano!
    Adoro la parte in cui dici che non bisogna lasciarsi dalle connotazioni negative delle altre persone…
    In effetti non ho mai capito perché agli occhi di alcune persone i sognatori sono casi senza speranza, degli illusi, talvolta sono persino definiti dei perdi tempo…
    Questa è l’accusa che più fa male.
    Per ottenere risultati – risultati grandi, intendo – di tempo ce ne vuole e spesso è proprio per colpa del fatto che la maggior parte delle persone non vedano i sogni come una possibilità di cambiamento, come strada da intraprendere per un nuovo futuro…
    Insomma, se ciò che fai non da’ subito i risultati sperati e qualcosa da lasciar perdere.
    Non è vero. Non è giusto.
    Non penserò mai di aver sprecato il mio tempo nel fare, nel sognare, qualcosa di diverso per me stessa.
    Anche se dovessi fallire.

    Scusa, lo sfogo! 😉
    Un abbraccio!

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